Alaior with the family

Hands up all mums and dads with children under age 12 to keep entertained! And now, parents in search of finding the perfect plan to spend a day in Alaior. Apart from the usual outdoor playgrounds —always a salvation— Alaior has other activities and places that can be really interesting for the kids, and even the older generation!

A walk around the play areas

Let’s start with the basics. Where are Alaior’s parks and playgrounds? What services do they have? Is there a bar/café close by to get that essential bottle of water to quench thirst, or quell boredom or those bumps and grazes due to big adventures? Let’s take a look.

  • Playground in the sports area
    Located between the sports area and just a few metres away from the schools and secondary schools, this is Alaior’s most popular playground. Not only does it have a pleasant garden section, it is also close to a few bars and cafeterias.
  • Munt de l’Àngel playground
    This play area is at the other extreme of the town, on an elevated plateau with lovely views over a pine grove and Menorca’s countryside. The Munt de l’Àngel park is in a very residential area, so it’s best to take your own water and something to snack on.
  • Cala en Porter playground
    This small play area is right by the beach and perfect on summer evenings when little ones have worn themselves out in the sea but still want to play a bit more.
  • Sant Jaume playground
    This is one of the newest playgrounds in the district, and is on the promenade by the beach at the urbanisation of Sant Jaume. It was opened in 2021 and has artificial grass, with fencing all around.
  • Alaior Skate Park
    Children must have a minimum age to use this park, or be really skilled on a skateboard. Alaior’s skate park is in the Avinguda de la Indústria, and has a grassy area to relax on as well.

These are not the only children’s playgrounds in the district of Alaior. Throughout the town there are play areas in Es Ramal, Dalt Sant Pere Nou, Cala en Busquets and the Plaça Nova square. In Cala en Porter, there are three other play areas apart from the one on the beach. There are three more between Son Bou and Torre-solí.

Activities for the whole family

We have two recommendations for you and your family, places where you can have fun and learn with activities all together.

  • Es Lloc de Menorca
    If your children love animals, go and explore Lloc de Menorca as a family. There are indigenous species of animals at this zoo, but exotic animals too, plus lots of activities designed for kids.
  • Santa Ponça Quarry
    Here, you and the family can enjoy all the varied fauna in a quarry. See what you can all spot as you wander along through carved out limestone formations. Just a few kilometres from the town, Santa Ponça is easy to get to and well sign posted.
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