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Are you a lover of nature? Discover Alaior’s most stunning trees

Ancient holm oaks, unique specimens from Mexico, and trees with trunks over a metre and a half in diameter. And yes, all these trees can be found in the municipality of Alaior. Specimens that even have their place within the protected categories because they are considered to be unique trees. So get your boots on, we're going on a nature route!

Holm oaks that you’ll struggle to hug

On the S'Artiga Vella estate, two kilometres from the Alaior cemetery, we boast one of the most picturesque trees in this collection. It is a holm oak between 500 and 600 years old, which makes it one of the oldest in the Balearic Islands. It is also one of the largest, with a diameter of more than 1.5 metres, making it impossible to hug on your own! Being on private property, access to this imposing tree, which reaches a height of 12 metres, is restricted. But it is worth considering in this list for its characteristics and longevity. It has also survived a few storms, with one of its mighty branches being struck by lightning. But after more than half a millennium of being rooted in Alaior, it is still standing and in good condition.

Visitors from Mexico

You will come across some very curious specimens In the Cala en Porter ravine. These are two unique trees in the Balearic Islands and probably planted by people who emigrated from America, as they are an exotic species originally from Mexico. They are a group of four pecan trees, which are impressive for their enormous height: 15, 18 and up to 20 metres high - unusual for other species that are more prevalent on the island. To appreciate these four giants, drive to the beach of Cala en Porter and leave your car there. Then head towards the ravine. A half-hour walk will take you to S'Hort de n'Esquella, the area in the ravine where these imposing specimens are located.

Tall bushes

After seeing gigantic trees, you may not be so impressed when we suggest an excursion to see a 6-metre specimen to you. But the peculiarity of this "tree" is that it is not really a tree, but a bush. That makes a difference, doesn't it? This large thicket can also be found in the Cala en Porter ravine, running beside a stream and along the Camí de Cavalls. Despite being originally cultivated, this bush has grown wild, with its owner pruning and maintaining it until it has reached its current impressive size of 6 metres high and 9 metres in height. Not bad for a bush!

A floral route: a perfect spring excursion

Do you enjoy walking through nature and are you looking forward to seeing more trees and plants? In that case, we suggest the Alaior flora route. This excursion will take you from Son Bou to Punta Redona... a walk of just over half an hour in which you will be able to observe endemic specimens and the flora of the Son Bou dune system. Another easy option is to take the Santa Eularieta circular route, where you will see the peculiarities of the areas with a certain salinity, wet meadows, holm oak groves with heather and also some endemic species.

Take advantage of our mild spring weather in Menorca to go for a special walk while you learn all about the flora in and around Alaior!

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