Routes and Excursions

Get moving in Alaior

Summer has just begun and it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy sport in the open air. Particularly in the water! That’s why, if you’re spending a few days in Alaior and are used to keeping your body active with regular exercise but don’t know where to go, we encourage you to carry on reading… we’ve got four great suggestions for you!

Walk but in a measured way

Summer in Alaior and Menorca in general can get very hot. That means that any exercises requiring great physical effort can be hazardous to your health. However, there’s no reason why you can’t take it a bit easier and enjoy walking some of the lovely routes the island offers instead of going out to run. You can choose between the Camí de Cavalls, the quarries in Santa Ponça or one of the routes along paths which are signposted and that you can check out here. Walking is a great activity for releasing energy in addition to improving your health and state of mind, and practically anyone can enjoy it. Just one tip: before starting on your adventure, please read our suggestions below.

For racquet sport lovers

If you love racquet sports and can’t bear to stop playing on holiday, we’ve got good news for you! Alaior boasts both tennis and paddle courts that you can book to play on or carry on training while you are in Menorca. These courts are managed by the Club Tennis de Alaior, a federated body that has two clay tennis courts and one of artificial grass, plus two paddle courts.

The sea, the best way to keep active

If you really want to be active without the heat affecting you, we recommend water sports so long as you’re a good swimmer. Our stunning Mediterranean Sea offers an endless range of ways to enjoy sport and have the best time discovering Menorca in the most exciting way. Check out a kayak excursion to view Alaior’s amazing coast, or snorkelling to be wowed by the sea floor and deep, clear water teeming with marine life. You may need a little practice to master a mask and snorkel.

Tips for practising sport in Menorca during the summer

Even seasoned sportspeople can suffer when doing exercise in the hot summer months. We’re not discouraging you, but we do recommend caution and taking the following suggestions into account before doing any activity.

  • Always take water with, or make sure that you know where you can stop to buy some to drink. Calculate your route well carefully so that you don’t run out halfway.
  • The best time to practise sport is early in the morning – before 9 am – and in the late evenings. Try to avoid overdoing it in the middle of the day.
  • Cover your head. Use a cap, hat or visor…whichever type suits your activity best.
  • The main aspect is to avoid sunbathing, but you will definitely tan when you are out in the fresh air. Always take sun cream and apply it before you go out as well.
  • If you are planning an excursion on the Camí de Cavalls, wear the right walking shoes. They may be hotter to wear but sandals are not suitable for rocky dirt paths.
  • If you have opted for cycling, always taka a repair kit. Quite a lot of areas on the island have limited mobile phone cover, so it’s better to rely on having the equipment at hand in case you can’t contact anyone for help in a tricky situation.
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