The 3 beaches of Alaior in Menorca that you should not miss

Alaior has on its coast, which is oriented entirely towards the south, five beaches of the more than 100 that border the Menorcan coast. However, the municipality can boast of having the largest stretch of sand on the island, along with a set of beaches surrounded by huge cliffs that collect them from storms. We are going to discover what the 3 most important beaches offer.

Son Bou, more than 2 kilometers of white sand

Son Bou beach is the longest sandy area in Menorca. With fine white sand and an entrance to the soft water, it is a perfect beach to go with the family. However, the large trench that extends a few kilometers from the coast just in front of Son Bou, makes it a paradisiacal beach that must be given special respect, due to the currents. That is why, in addition to offering a lot of activities, you will always see several lifeguards scanning the horizon and monitoring the activity of the bathers who go further into the sea.

In addition to its size, Son Bou stands out for the beauty of the turquoise crystal water that bathes it, very characteristic of the southern part of the island. It is usually a beach with very little presence of algae. As for the activities, you have tons of choices. From the comfort of renting a hammock and an umbrella to rest, to a kayaking experience or a variety of water sports. Also, on the left side of the beach, you can see the remains of a large early Christian basilica. Being at the foot of an urbanization, in Son Bou you have all the possible services at hand: from restaurants and bars where you can eat to pharmacy, supermarket and car rental.

The security of Cala en Porter

Cala en Porter is the other beach typology that you can find in Alaior: the extension is not parallel to the sea, but rather extends into the land. Why this radical change in morphology when they are separated by just a few kilometers? The southern coast of Menorca is riddled with ravines formed by ancient rivers that dried up millions of years ago. The erosion of these streams left its mark on the ground, forming narrow and deep mouths, such as Cala en Porter.

Collected and sheltered from the strong waves, this beautiful beach is also a good option to go with the family, because in addition to the security of the place and the lifeguard service, at the bottom of the sand there is a very complete playground. On the cliffs of Cala en Porter you can also find a lot of services, which are located in the urbanization of the same name. So the plan of taking a dip in the morning, going up to eat at one of the restaurants in the area, and ending the day with a game in the shade, surely convinces more than one.

The magic of Calescoves

Although it is smaller than Cala en Porter, Calescoves has some features similar to its sister beach, as they are next to each other. Huge cliffs, a secluded space protected from storms and turquoise waters define this totally natural space, whose main difference is that it is not urbanized. For this reason, in this case we recommend that you plan the excursion well and take with you everything you need to spend a magnificent day at the beach: sun protection, plenty of water and food.

To access Calescoves, you must leave your car in the parking area, and walk about 15 minutes until you reach the beach. The land occupied by the sand is smaller than that of Cala en Porter, but you will be surprised by the number of caves in the steep cliff face. In fact, many of these cavities were used long ago as burial sites. Taking a walk through this network of caves is what completes the day in one of the most enigmatic and characteristic areas of the south coast of Menorca.

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