Javier de Inocencio

Madrid, 1958

After studying The Sciences of Information and Publicity at the CEU University of San Pablo and the Complutense of Madrid, he began his career as an illustrator.

Magazines, posters and collaborations with graphic artists such as Oscar Mariné, and Los Veranos de la Villa end up taking him into the world of Advertising Agencies as one of the graphic designers to be most preferred by the great corporations. Almosta couple of decades afterwards, and having been in several companies as Art Director, he decided to begin a new stage; he decided to go back to painting but this time in a computer. Hanging between figurative and modern, his style revindicates the change from the easel to the computer, the virgin canvas to the blank screen. His personality prints character on his works, creating volumes through lights and shadows, giving the colour without the need for brushes, his painting evolving as a conversion into something as common and frequent as our day to day, reflecting everyday experiences in life.

His works start out from something as simple as the observation of what is daily, this being the base on which he begins his creations. Because of their realism, one could think that they are coloured photographs but on observing them up close, that is so far from the truth. With powerful lines - brilliant, full of life - a life in colour and heat, he polishes each detail with sensations that demonstrate that they are in fact a painting.

Enamoured of New York, Miami, San Francisco, Santoña and Madrid, he uses these cities as a source of inspiration, conserving their freshness in the small details that mark the difference of Digital Art.