Juan Asensio

Cuenca, 1959

The first works of Juan Asensio are anatomy studies and portraits in clay which then are passed into wood or marble. He began to exhibit his work in various collective exhibitions in his city.

He soon left this first figurative stage of his formation, and influenced by the existing artistic environment around the Cuenca Museum of Abstract Art, he did a series of abstract works whose principal points of reference are Oteiza and Brancusi.

In 1987 he went to live in Madrid where he made contact with artists, gallery directors and the critics of the city. In his art workshop, he developed his work collaborating at the same time in the execution of works by other artists, such as Oteiza, Manolo Valdés or Martín Chirino.

He held his first exhibitions in Madrid in the Theo Gallery which then enjoyed continuity in the Elvira González Gallery with which he has been united since then.

His work, initially within geometric abstraction, has evolved incorporating references of nature, thus making it more organic.

Juan Asensio has received several prizes, including the “Critical Eye” of Plastic Art and the first prize in the 20th sculpture competition of Caja Madrid, both of them in 1996, the year when he held his first exhibition in the Elvira González Gallery.

His work is present in the collections of museums, foundations and banks, and likewise in private collections the world over.

Exhibited Works

  • “Sin título”, white marble sculpture, 2017.