Juan Correa

Madrid, 1959

This artist develops abstraction, achieved by the overlapping of glazes that the painter also wears down, giving place to eroded surfaces which show landscapes, people who are punished or wounded.

He works with pure pigments, marble powders, plaster, primers, and allows time to pass to act on his work.

Among his most recent solo exhibitions stand out: “Mosaicofresco” at the Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona (2017); “Caementum Coloris” at the Madrid Marlborough Gallery (2016); “Mosaico de Aforismos”, Marlborough Gallery Madrid (2014); “Refined Surface” at the Marlborough Barcelona (2012);”fragmento Poética Natura Terra”, at the Marlborough Gallery Madrid (2011); “Jardin Secreto”, Marlborough Gallery Madrid (2010). His work is present in the Modern Art Collection of the Municipal Museum at the Banco de España Collection, the Barón Ely of Rothschild, The Count of Florida blanca Collection; the Juan Abelló Collection; the Telefónica de MóvilescCollection; the Marqués de Riscal Wine Cellars Collection, the TODISA Collection, the Sorigué Foundation collection and the Olor Visual Collection.

Juan Correa is a Marlborough artist since 2006.

Exhibited Works

  • “Paisaje”, oil on canvas, 1995.
  • “Caballero”, oil on stone, 1995.