Rafael Jiménez

Córdoba, 1989

He obtained a degree in Fine Arts through Seville University in 2012, in the speciality of engraving and design, thus initiating his trajectory in the world of graffiti and urban art.

He did murals, and participating in numerous events in all the national territory, he explored the different languages of artistic expression in the streets. Graffiti takes him to New York, and there he establishes contact with some pioneers of urban art. Afterwards, with an archaeology team, he made a stay near the Nerja Caves in 2009. Both experiences were a point of inflexion to impulse him to dedicating himself exclusively to painting and plastic art. His work axle was the deformation of images of the past.

In solo and collective exhibitions he has exhibited in different cities, such as Madrid, Seville, Gijón, Málaga, Bilbao, Granada, Lima, Moscow, Berlin … or Lisbon.

From 2012, together with Demetrio Salces, he coordinates the Z Project, the Contemporary Art Conferences at Montalbán, Cordoba, Space for Reflexion and artistic interaction in a rural environment where he participates in, and is the Director of, different exhibition projects.

He is a multidisciplinary plastic artist who currently lives and works in Córdoba, Spain.