Robert Ferrer

Valencia, 1978

With a degree obtained in 2004 through the faculty of Fine Arts of the Valencia Politechnic University, Ferrer y Martorell then went on to complement this degree at the same university with a Doctorate in Engraving and Printing, as well as at the same time beginning his exhibitions.

In 2008, from the Government of the Balearic Islands, he received the first prize in “Art Jove” and in the years after, he is adjudicated, amongst others, the first prize in Plastic Arts “Rei de Jaume” in Mallorca where he has lived and worked for many years.

In Madrid, he is represented in the Espacio Valverde gallery through which he has participated in national and international fairs since 2012, fairs such as Volta in New York, Art Dubai, Art Lima, ArtBó, Arco Madrid and Untitled in Miami. In the Paris gallery Lina Davidov, he has also exhibited, as well as in individual shows. He has presented his work in the Cervantes Institute in Paris, too. His exhibitions were given in the Kabe Gallery in Miami, and with the Pep Llabrés Modern Art gallery of Mallorca he was to participate in the last edition of the Estampa fair in Madrid, giving the exhibition “L’interior de la forma” in 2019.

If we go over his trajectory, we can see that light and its treatment have constituted an essential factor in the development of his creative restlessness, produced from the extremes of abstraction and from minimalist tendencies. In a world where immediateness takes priority, his work carefully investigates the truly important actions for the human being, making emotions, light and interior sounds come out into the open. He does this by means of a purist alphabet of mysterious and sensitive liturgy, modulated by silent spaces of time in which waft weightless shapes born in reality which, launched in geometric formation, provide a poetically abstract universe.

In 2017, he was invited by the collector Alberto Rebaza to carry out the “Residencia de la lado” in Lima. Simultaneously, together with Michelle Prazak, he did his first exhibition in the Impakto gallery under the name of “Suspended Geometry”.

In 2019 he presented an individual show in the IPCNA of Miraflores, once again invited by Alberto Rebaza to show the “Residencia de Al Lado” in Lima, as well as his first individual exhibition “Structures in Transformation” at the Impakto gallery in Lima. In 2019 he presented his fourth exhibition, called “Modulaciones” in the Espacio Valverde Gallery of Madrid where he shows that a repetition of a same element has the capacity of generating an organic and complex whole. The title of the exhibition makes reference on the one hand to music, to the change of tone during the development of a work, but also the use of modules, of formal identical atoms which nonetheless communicate with one another their particular relation with the rest.

Robert Ferrer i Martorell has managed to renovate geometric discipline by creating a series of works by hand in which he uses materials such as steel, wood, paper and aluminium.

Exhibited Works

  • “Estructures en construcció”, paper, cardboard, nylon and methacrylate on wood, 2019.