Kiki Smith

Nuremberg, 1954

Kiki Smith, an American artista, was born in Buremberg Germany in 1954, but was brought up in the USA in a family of artists. Currently she lives and works in New York. Considered to be one of the most significant artists of her generation, she is know for encompassing different mediums: sculpture, engraving, photography, drawing and textile work, etc.

She did not finish her art studies and from then on she is considered to a great extent to be a self taught artist. In the decade of the nineties, Kiki Smith began to work on the representation of the body of the woman, animals, as well as myths, tales and legends. Her work is loaded with feminine references – symbolic, mysterious and unexplainable.

All through her career in her work she makes use of a wide variety of techniques and materials, such as paint, engraving, textiles or drawings, with which she evolves as time passes.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in bothe the USA and Europe shere she has been present in the Bienial of Venice.

Exhibited Works

  • “Ginzer and the birds”, lithograph with collage on Japanese paper, 1996.