The weather in Menorca, the climate in the Mediterranean isn’t always what you imagine

Sun, mild and warm temperatures and hardly any rain. That might well be how people envisage Menorca if they’ve only spent part of the summer here. However, the island’s climate is much more variable than that. Just because we boast amazing beaches doesn’t mean that the sun is always shining on them, particularly in the autumn and spring when the storms can suddenly come in without warning. So, no matter what time of year you plan your trip to Menorca – a especially if you’d like to visit Alaior- please keep the following factors in mind when packing.

The weather in the summer.

Summertime is of course the most popular season to visit the island, so be prepared to see a large amount of other tourists then, particularly in August. But what you should pack if you’re coming here in June or September? Well, the temperatures don’t tend to go under 22 degrees and can get as high as 35 on the warmer days. If we add high humidity and a calm wind, it gets a few degrees warmer. So the best thing to do is to pack the coolest items in your wardrobe. Dresses, skirts, shorts, tank tops and a good hat or cap are the best option. Forget the umbrella though, as if it rains, it won’t be for long. And don’t forget that vital sunscreen!

The weather in the autumn.

Once October arrives, things get complicated. In fact, sometimes even September can be tricky, with a few alarming and big storms. The Mediterranean climate, although usually quite dry by definition, brings significant rainfall in Menorca during the autumn. The thermometers drop a few degrees, with maximum temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees and minimum temperatures of around 20. These temperatures are ideal for exploring the coast and inland, where you’ll come across paths, the famous Camí de Cavalls and be able to plan bicycle or walking routes. It’s a good idea to pack a small umbrella, but check the forecast on one of the weather apps before you travel as well. Although the weather might be volatile, the forecast for major storms tends to be accurate. Don’t be alarmed if a great deluge comes down while you’re in Menorca… sometimes the autumn storms can be quite scary, but just follow the official recommendations and take cover while enjoying a stunning show of nature.

The weather in the winter.

Bring your jacket, as Menorca is not the Canary Islands. Although you can enjoy springlike days where you are even tempted to dip your feet in the water, although Menorcan winters can have their surprises too. Take the Tramontana storms, with strong winds from the north. And when we say strong, we mean gales that can snap off tree branches, move containers out of place and loosen the odd roof tile. Generally, warm clothing and an umbrella are needed, but do also always check the forecast on a weather app if you’re coming to Menorca for a weekend in the winter, as if the forecast is good you can save yourself space in your case.

The weather in the spring.

The cold in Menorca tends to last just a few weeks. Once spring is in the air, a warm and lightweight jacket should be enough. Although the autumn rain is more torrential, it can of course rain in the spring too, so do keep checking your weather app before travelling. Our recommendation? Bring some proper mountain boots, as although Menorca appears pretty flat, its terrain is irregular and you’ll want to be well prepared to walk on the Camí de Cavalls. By the end of the spring, you should add swimwear to your case. You may well get lucky and have such a fabulous day that you can be one of the first to swim on our coastline.

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